Meet your Content Creators!

We believe that a big part of what we do to turn your moments into a piece of divine priceless memory is the all-important "trust".  Before you decide whether we are the ones honoured enough to be documenting your day, I would like to introduce ourselves to you!



Brendan Chen - Owner, Photographer, executive Producer

BV Wedding Studio is the pride and joy of my "big boss" (in BV and in the household) Viola and myself.  I have a deep and strong passion for photography, and have been a photographer for easily over 10 years now.  Before starting this business, I enjoyed meeting people, learning their stories, and creating visually stunning images of people's memories and stories. 

After completing my PhD and lived through my own wedding, I thought how good would it be to do this on a large scale!  I figured weddings are the best way to allow me to meet more people, know more about their stories, and to use my art and skills and create things for people that will forever be priceless.  After all, BV Wedding Studio is the carrier of my vision, which has always been to turn something money can buy today, into something money cannot buy tomorrow.


jordan munro - dop, filmmaker, camera EXTRAORDINAIRE 

Hi, my name is jordan.  I am an experienced Director Of Photography (DOP), filmmaker, and a multi-skilled camera operator.  I've worked on full-scale movie sets as a filmmaker, full-scale documentary productions as a DOP, and also produced some major commercial productions (such as RACQ, Coffee Club, and BCF advertisements), as well as recently working on the broadcast team in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Within BV Wedding Studio, I would like to think I am a fun, yet integral part of the team.  Even with all those commercial experiences, I still enjoy being with people, applying my hard-learnt/valuable skill set to capture all those unforgettable moments of tears and laughter that will only happen once on your big day.


james mcelligott - filmmaker, assistant, sound magician

Hi, I'm James :)  I am a qualified audio and recording engineer, and a co-founder of BV Wedding Studio's filmmaking services.  I have filmed many weddings as the main cinematographer in the past, produced indie films such as Louie Louie and Space, and recorded public concerts such as Black Sorrow's Concert, the QCGU Gala Dinner, and Daniel De Borah in Concert.

As the co-founder of BV Wedding Studio's filmmaking services, I have developed in depth understanding of the workflow in all parts of both photography and cinematography workflows.  As an audio engineer, I ensures all those beautiful sounds and voices from your big day are captured with the most pristine quality.  As a filmmaker, I ensure there is always a second angle capturing those important moments.  And as an assistant, I am the one that ensures Brendan and Jordan never miss a beat when capturing all your moments and your wedding day atmosphere!




BV Wedding Studio is the pride and joy of my hubby Brendan and my business.  While he's good at running around capturing those precious moments, I usually do a better job herding cats - taking care of the administration, the structure, the frame, and anything business behind all the services BV Wedding Studio can provide.

I believe a safe, legal, and fun environment for the BV team to work in is crucial so each team player can solely focus on what they do best to tell the story of your wedding day.  That is why I make sure Brendan and I are both First Aid qualified, and I make sure everyone on the team is properly registered, trained, and insured for whatever challenges they may experience in the field and behind the screen!



My name’s Fran and here are a few things about me. I love golden retrievers, believe a hearty brekkie solves all of life’s problems and most importantly I thrive on capturing and creating people’s stories. I’m always sure to put my whole heart into an edit to creatively shape and bring a story to life that people will love.

I’m currently in my final year of completing my film degree specialising in editing and camera assisting. My skills have allowed me to work on full scale film sets as well as a freelance filmmaker across a large range of clients including gyms to help them grow their client base, realestate agents and finance brokers to grow their personal brand.

Within BV wedding studio, I play integral part in turning your special day into something magical on the screen - something you can look back on and relive your moment again.